What Is Jihad In Islam

What is jihad??

Hi, friends today I am going to share all about Jihad, Meaning of jihad, Misconception about jihad, Jihad according to Quraan, Jihad according to Sufi’s, books for details of jihad.

Meaning of jihad

The literal meaning of jihad is Struggle, struggle to defend Islam from enemies by waging war, battle from own soul to fight the evil within yourself, struggle to build a good muslim society.

Misconception about jihad

Many rumors and misconception is spread about jihad  The main misconception about jihad among people is that it is imposed on Muslims to spread Islam by waging war or by killing innocent people.

it is not  a war against innocent people to forcefully  include them in islam by waging war. it is imposed on muslims by Allah to protect islam from enemies. whenever enemies tries to destroy islam  it is a duty of every muslim to take part in jihad to defend islam. lets see what Quraan say about jihad

Jihad according to Quraan

according to Quraan in islam, The highest type of Jihad which is known is to wage war against the enemies of Islam in order to raise the words of Allah in which a Mujahid scarifies his life and wealth.

It is also Jihad to keep the self-suppressed, controlled and going against its will on the path of Shariah.

Jihad according to Sufi’s

According to the Sufis,  Jihad-e-Akbar is to struggle for reforming the self and enlightening the heart. والمجاهد من جاهد نفسه

the highest level of Jihad is against the Naafs and it is called Jihad-e-Akbar. it consists of purification of one’s own hearts or controls himself of doing wrong things by waging war with the devil.

Books for details of jihad 

The books like Ashhus Siyar, Seeratul Mustafa etc contain the details about the jihad and so on. you can purchase it from the market and know all about jihad that exactly what it is.

What Is Jihad In Islam
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