Top 33 Unique And Modern Muslim Girls Names With Meaning

Unique And Modern Muslim Girls Names With Meaning – Are You looking For Unique Muslim baby Girls names? If Yes Then here We Have Posted a huge list Of Muslim Girls Names For Muslim Parents To Find Out a very Latest Modern And unique Muslim Girls Name For the Cute baby girl.

The pleasure of having a life growing inside can never match any other pleasures. The expecting parents are the ones who are at the beginning of expecting some of the life’s precious moments.

Carrying the little one under the heart and smiling at those playful kicks are the golden moments for a mother to be.

The joy of a father to be can never be expressed in words ever.

The joy of having someone with little hands and tiny fingers grabbing his fingers and a euphonious sound calling “PAPA” fills his heart with bliss.

Babies are the gifts of the Almighty and the gift seems more pleasing when the newborn is a baby girl, the level of happiness just multiplies.

The baby girls in Islam are considered to be special mercy and blessing from Allah.

Baby girls are such adorable gifts and the best blessings, the expecting parents will ever receive in the world.

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Looking for Muslim Girls Names?

Naming your newborn is one of the toughest jobs the parents ever feel.

It is the most responsible job too. It is the duty of a father to gift the best possible name to the child which has a good meaning.

The parents grope for the name of the child from the time they hear the good news and the search for good names continue until the day the baby is born.

Because you know your baby deserves the best.

And this era of advanced technology, people have started searching for names not only from books and elders but also from the Internet.

As a parent, you will not leave any website untouched that comes with a snippet of Muslim Girls names.

You will make sure to visit every single website looking for Muslim Girls names to find the best name for your little girl.

You will undoubtedly want a unique, outstanding and the best suiting name that comes with a very good meaning for your child.

After all, she is someone who will always look up to you to guide her and to cherish and fill your heart with love.

So why not give your princess the best name possible?

List of Muslim Girls Names with Meaning

Here, in this article, we have tried our best to gather and present to you a complete list of the best and unique Muslim Girls names along with their meanings for your little one.

I am sure this comprehensive list will help you in making the right choice of name for your bundle of joy. And, you will not have to visit any other website after this.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best and Unique Muslim Girls Names with Meaning:

Unique And Modern Muslim Girls Names With Meaning 

Adiba :

A Beautiful Modern Muslim Girl Names, Adiba Means ‘civilised/cultured/well-mannered/Polite’  It’s Realy Sounds Modern Islamic names So It’s A Nice Name if Family looking For Trendy Muslim Girls Names.

Afia :

Afia is A Modern Muslim girl Names Which Means ‘Good health/vigour/vitality’ The ‘aa’ ending gives This Unique Islamic Names a soft touch.

Anam :

If You Are Looking For Unique Islamic Muslim Girls Names Then This Name, Anam Is My Favourite in this list and Meaning Of This Unique Muslim Girls Names Is ‘Blessings of God’ How good it is na.

Amira :

This Lovely Muslim Girls Name, Amira used widely in the Arab community, is the feminine gender form of Amir and means ‘Exalted’ or princess’.

Aalia :

Aalia is a Good Muslim Girls name. It means ‘Exalted or highest social standing’.

Aisha (عائشہ)

Ayesha or Aisha is a Muslim baby Girl name,  Aisha Name Meaning Is Woman Life. Aisha Was The Name Of The Favorite Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed PBUH.

Aleena :

The Wonderful Muslim Girls Name starting with A, Aleena Which Means Fair, Good-Looking’.

Aiza :

Aiza A Very Stylish Pakistani Muslim Girls Name With Meaning ‘Respected’.

Asma :

Aasma is a Pretty Muslim Girls Name with Good meaning –‘excellent’. and Aasma Is Also The Daughter Name Of One Of The famous Sahaba And Our Prophet Closest Freinds Abu Bakr.

Bushra (بوشرا ):

Bushra Is a Stylish Islamic Girl Names Means ‘Good News, Glad Things’

Eiram or Erum (ارم):

A Stunning Pakistani Girls Names, Eiram Means  ‘Heaven’. Such a Unique And  Modern Muslim Girls Names It Is.

Emma : 

Emma is a Very Stylish And Modern Islamic Names which means “Whole, Complete

Erina  (عرینا): 

Erina is Stylish Muslim Girls Names means “Beautiful lady

Fatima (فاطیما) : Prophet Muhammads daughter

Fatima Is Very Famous And Most Used Islamic Girls Names Because Fatima Is The Name Of Our Prophet Daughter Names.


Unique Islamic Girls name Falak means ‘sky is full of light and is beautiful’.

Gauhar (گاوحر):

Gauhar means precious and beautiful like diamond and it most famous Islamic Girls Name.

Huma (ہوما) :

Huma is a cutest Islamic girls name which is mostly used Name in this Era which means “bird of paradise, Auspicious bird, Phoenix“.

Inaaya  (عیناایا): 

With an amazing Muslim girls name Such as Inaaya Meaning “Gift of Allah, Concern, Solicitude

Iqra  (عیقرا)

Pakistani Muslim baby name Iqra meaning ‘Study, Read

Iram  (ایرم) – The effusion of them, A high heap

What A Unique Muslim Girls Name, Iram That Describes Your level Means “The effusion of them, A high heap“.

Liba (لیبا):

Liba Sounds like This Islamic Name is made for a princess And The Meaning Of This Beautiful Modern Muslim Baby Girls name Is “Most beautiful (Hoor in Jannah)


If you want your daughter to be a Unique And Modern Name Then Kept Your Daughter Name Laiba Trust Me This Is Realy Very Stunning Muslim baby Girl names Which Means “Name of a Hoor in Heaven

Lubna (لوبنٰا) – 

Isn’t it a spirited and cute Islamic Baby Girls Name, Means “A tree which yields An Aroma”

Maira  (مایرا): 

If you want your daughter to rule the world And Everyone’s loves Her then kept this name Means “Beloved, Favorable, Admirable, Marvellous

Mariya, Maria  (مآرییا):

This unusual name can be spelt in several ways means”Beloved, Beautiful, One of the wives of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.


A name that is both beautiful and meaningful “Pretty


Who does not want her daughter to go to heaven And whose name means heaven Door? How lovely Islamic baby Girls Name It Is Right?

Qirat  (قیرات): 

Qirat Is a Common Pakistani Girls names Means “Beautiful Recitation

Sara  (سارا):

This Arabic, Pakistani, and Indian Muslim name is familiar enough Which means “Princess, Noble lady, Precious, Firm, Pure, Excellent, Sweet smelling, Veil (Wife of the prophet Ibrahim)

Saba  (صبا): 

Baby Girls Is All About Early Morning Happiness When You See Her Right? And This Names Meaning is Something Relevant “Image, Young, Early morning breeze

Sidra: Of The Stars

Everybody Parent wants to see their Children reaching the moon, Sidra Means “Of The Stars


Zainab Is The Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH.


Zoya Means “Alive” And This Is One The Best Muslim Girls Names Starting With Z

Zara –

We Couldn’t Find Any better name to end this Islamic Girls Name List And Zara Means “Eastern Splendour; Princess

A piece of advice

Not every name that sounds good has a good vibe to it, some might also have a gloomy meaning.

Note this point as a tip, as the name given to your child will also play a vital role in the making and moulding of the personality of your kid.

The name always has an influence on the personality of your child.

And, some names might not have a good meaning to them.

So, make sure that you choose the name of your beloved child wisely.

Make sure the name has a pleasing, good and quality meaning to it.

Always remember to check the meaning of the name before you decide upon it.

To help with this very issue, we have provided the list of Muslim Girls names along with their meanings to help you make the right choice.

Give your little princess the most unique and best name that has a good meaning to it.

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Top 33 Unique And Modern Muslim Girls Names With Meaning
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