The Best Days of Islam

The Best Days of Islam

History of the Islam is best for us to learn something and then it will be more attractive for the people who want to get information about the Islamic history. Fact is that Muslims now from the one or the largest religious group in the USA. Basic thing is that it is crucial for an effort to be made at all complete levels to go beyond archetypal images and conditions to start to understand the Islam and the Muslims.

The most applicable and helpful memories as a child were at the time of particular special events we mostly have like the Eid, Ramazan, Big Eid and the Ashoora. Such described events are the current events of the Islam and days we celebrate. Now the religion of Islam is the complete code of life strongly supports the concept of human welfare and then urges that any of the Muslim should reflect very nicely.

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Importance of Friday in Islam

It is fact and it is from beginning the Friday has the great importance of it. It is considered as the most honored and the hallowed day of the week for us as being Muslim. It is mentioned that best day on which is the sun rises is Friday and it is the day Adam was created and is the complete day of the time Adam Entered the Heavenly Gardens. All of the happenings that are mentioned in the hadith give the indication of the great value of this day and it is completely significance increasing eventually.


The day which is observed on 10th of Moharram and it is also the first Islamic calendar month of the Islam. It actually serves as a means of remembrance of the migration of the Hazrat Musa from Egypt to save his followers from the tyranny and the oppression of Firaon are based on this particular day. It is actually mentioned that as asked the prophet which prayer is the best for you as right after the obligatory prayers. So the reply was prayer during the mid of the night and asked as which is the fasting is the best after that Ramadan. Then it is asked as Allah that you called Muharram which is the starting month of the Allah.

Rabi ul Awwal (Prophet’s Birth PBUH)

The day which is about the Birth of our beloved Prophet and the day which is being celebrated to pay attention and prayers to our prophet very humble. This is the month which has Muslims received the greatest blessing from Allah. The main thing is that it is the wonderful month that has actually that special day and which is exactly proved to be the stepping stone to the revolutionizing the lives of millions of the people.


As after fasting for the whole of the month of Ramadan and so that the Muslims are completely blessed by the almighty lord and also with the celebration named Eid-UL-Fitr is the very amazing event for us. And on that day we offer a very special prayer in the Masjid having similar sermon like that of finding in the Salah of Friday. It actually not only serves a festival to enjoy the blessings of Allah for three consecutive days but also a great source of meeting to other family members and sharing happiness.


Another big day for us to celebrate and it is the way which is depending upon the sacrificing of Goats, Caws, and different Hilal Animals we like the most. After sacrificing we distribute the meat to the poor people, needy people after the special prayer we say in the morning as the previous Eid.

The Best Days of Islam
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