The beginning of Islam And The Holly Books

The beginning of Islam Stories

Islam has always faced the challenges of proving the authenticity of its historical evidence and proves. It is fact much talked about the recent documentary by some kind of person into the world. History of the Islam through the pain and sacrifices is brighter, remarkable and memorable for us and especially for the Muslims. Before the Islam, there was nothing in this world but cruelty, revenge, murders, the killing of daughters, no respect for mothers, no respect for elders.

But when the signs of Islam are started coming then the area was started created to boost the things applicable to the beloved Prophet. And then the day came which presentable for our beloved prophet and then our beloved prophet came into this world by birth. From His (PBUH) birth and till the completion of His PBUH services and blessings the Islam came to us perfectly. Our beloved prophet gives us all the things required and essential for us to live the life and after the life.

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Civilization comes after the Islam came in and it is to do so we need to understand the state of Arabian Peninsula at the time when Prophet Muhammad PBUH is said to have existed.

Abraham is the Father of Islam

Fact is that controversy surrounding the origin of the Islam concerns the big cover-up by religious and hid the other specific roots. The Prophet Abraham AS has lots of blessing towards us and it is due to his love and affection with the Allah. So as that before anything could be known the spirit showed me as for how to take words apart and read each one of the syllables as a complete term. So the Guidelines and Guide terms provided by the Beloved Prophet Abraham to us and to the humanity have no other alternative and not any of the single people can do that what the Beloved Prophet Abraham has completed.

Islamic Beginning and the Holly Books

Reading books is a habit and if you want to get blessings of God then read the books come from the God as the Bible, Torah, Zaboor and The Final Holly Quran. If we read the holy Quran then we will see the blessing of God coming from us. The prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah who acclaimed the Holly book and gives us to take all the blessing directly as reading. Other books are also holly books but the things which are not good are about the change into them and that thing is not good actually. But the final Book of God towards us is the Holly Quran and till now it is best as it was from the beginning. There is not a single word changed but they all are original and perfect.

If we want to get the blessing of Allah and want to explore the treasures of God as the best blessing then must read out Holly Books and mostly Holly Quran. Origin of Islam can be traced back to the 7th centrally Saudia Arabia.  Now the Islam is thus the youngest of the great world religions and some of the things are certain now and we can also get the solution to living the life quite sound.

The beginning of Islam And The Holly Books
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