Learning Qur’an and Arabic from Anywhere in the World

With the introduction of the concept of e-learning in 1999, a world of opportunity has opened for
people around the world to have access to information they would otherwise have difficulty
attaining. Today, one could learn core English, Maths, and Science information from anywhere
there is a computer and a reliable internet connection. The introduction of smartphones and
mobile apps has made access to information even easier.

Early adopters in the Muslim community have taken full advantage of this trend by providing
services and information that is searchable and well organized cutting back research times and
giving access to those without physical resources such as travel expenses or book collections.
One such project is Sisters Arabic (www.sisters-arabic.com).

Sisters Arabic was established to help women and children, from anywhere in the world, gain
access to professional Qur’an and Arabic resources and teachers without leaving home or
traveling to another country. This was not possible 20 years ago. As we know, it is difficult for
women and children to travel long distances in pursuit of Islamic knowledge. Sisters Arabic
solves this problem by providing a diverse array of resources which are available completely

Sisters Arabic provides:

● Free Online Resources: unique Qur’anic and Arabic books, worksheets, and curriculums
which are only available at Sisters Arabic.
● Free Video Lessons: explanations, word for word English translations, and listening
exercises that help with Arabic comprehension and listening skills.
● Games: fun, interactive practice exercises that encourage repetition to help users retain
● Free Lessons: series which cover subjects using short, comprehensive videos. Free
lessons are linked to materials and activity sheets.
● Recorded Courses: famous books explained in levels and through which students can
earn official certificates.
● Live Courses: students have the opportunity to study with a live, professional teacher
online privately.

All of these services are offered online completely leveraging the concept of e-learning. As
technology advances, more opportunity presents itself for both teachers and students to gain
access to knowledge which was not previously accessible without research or travel.
Technology has allowed the many to have access to the few people qualified to teach Islamic
sciences. Alhamdulillah!

Learning Qur’an and Arabic from Anywhere in the World
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