Jummah Sunnah And It’s Importance – AS You Know Jummah is To Be considered as the best day of the week In Islam. Allah has blessed us a complete surah about Jummah As Surah Juma In Quran.

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) declared Friday As the day of Eid and the King of all days. On Friday You Have To Pray Namaze Jumah instead of Zuhr prayer.

It is mentioned in a hadith that a person who missed three Jumuah consecutively due to laziness (without a Shariah excuse) Almighty Allah puts a seal on his heart. (Mishkah) Another hadith says that people should not miss Jumuah salah otherwise Almighty Allah shall put seal over their hearts and they would be among the heedless

Importance Of Jumma

the Friday Prayer In Congregation is an obligation on every Single Muslim Except For Four: And owned slave, a Women and a Child a Sick Person.

Also reported by Imam Muslim, Abu-Dawood, Al-Nasai, and Al-Tirmizi, that Holy Prophet Muhammad had said, The best day during which the sun have risen is Friday. It is the Day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered paradise and also when he was taken out from it. It is also the day on which the Day of Judgment takes place.”

From various ahadith, it is proven that Prophet Muhammadused to celebrate this day and he declared jummah as weekly eid for Muslims. He ﷺ used to wear clean and new (washed) clothes, used to take bath, wear fragrance, wear surmah for this day especially.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad described the virtues of Jummah prayer in the following hadith with these words;

”When the Friday comes, at every door of the Masjid there stands Angels who write down (the names of) those who come First, then who comes next. When the Imam sits down, the records are closed and they come to listen to the remainder , i.e. the Khutba….”  Muslim 1984.

which surah should be recited on Friday

Prophet Muhammad advised Muslims to recite surah al-Kahf on every Friday to keep safe from the fitnah of Dajjal.

Sunnah Of Jummah

1. Jummah trainings should start on Thursday (Jumerat) i.e. cutting on the claws, eliminating of their hair and so forth (Ihya aul-Uloom, vol. 1, page 16-1)


2.. To Get a bathroom (Ghusl) (Bukhari, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah)

3. To utilize Miswaak (Ibid)

4. To utilize Attar (Perfume) (Ibid)

5. To put in nice clothing (Abu Dawood, ” Chapter of Ghusl about the afternoon of Jummah)

6. To move early as you possibly can to this Masjid to get Jummah

7. To walk into the Masjid if You have potential

8. An individual ought to listen very carefully to this khutba even though an individual will not know. One
9. Should not talk and sometimes maybe You can not warn the others to keep quite whilst the khutba is actually advance.

10. To test to sit as close as you can into this Imaam. (Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi)

11. In the event the Saffs (rows) are already satisfied, an individual should not jump across the shoulders of this musallies so as to get into the leading. (Abu Dawood)

12. One shouldn’t fiddle with clothing or palms but listen carefully (Ibn Majah)

13. If Rasulallah (Pbuh) name is said from the khutba subsequently it’s permissible to recite durood from one’s center just minus the movement of their tongue or lips.

14. Between both khutba’s one needs to make dua. It’s permissible to make dua without lifting hands or transferring the lips (I.e. dua Ought to Be made in the center just with No flow of their lips or the tongue) (Aadaab -E — Zindagee)

Darul Ifta, Deoband Fatwas About Jumma Salah

Question:- Can I offer first 4 Sunnah of Jumuah after Jumuah?

Answer:- The 4 Rakah Sunnah of Jumuah should be offered before the khutbah of Jumuah. You should reach the mosque at a time that you may offer the Sunnah of Jumuah. In case you cannot offer it before the Jumuah salah you may offer it after Jumuah salah.

Question:- Where should I see during Jumu’ah khutbah? Should I look at the Khatib or see in my legs?

Answer:- One should face the Imam during the Khutbah with listening carefully and should not look to one’s lap, it is Mustahab.


(1) How many rakahs are there in Jumuah salah according to Fiqh-e-Hanafi, and who is Imam Abu Yusuf (Rahmatullah Alaih) and what is his stance on number of rakahs in Jumuah?
(2) Can we pray tahiyatul Masjid or 4 rakahs sunnah muwakkidah when imam is giving khutbah?
(3) Here in Saudi Arabia, immediately after Zawal time Jumuah azaan is given which is followed by khutbah, we don’t get time to pray 4 rakahs sunnah salah, in this case can we pray before time or can we pray after Jumuah fardh salah?
(4) Can we reply to azaan of khutbah or do we have to keep quiet and just listen without replying? Can we raise hands and say amen to dua of imam in khutbah?


(1) There are two rakahs fardh in Jumuah which each Muslim knows. It is proved from Hadiths, common practice and unanimity of the ummah. Before the two fardh rakahs of Jumuah four rakahs are sunnah muwakkidah and after the fardh of Jumuah, four rakahs are sunnah muwakkidah and two rakahs nafl. Imam Abu Yusuf (may Allah have mercy on him), who is the disciple of Imam Abu Hanifah (may Allah have mercy on him) and a great Imam of Hanafi Fiqh, says that there are six rakahs sunnah muwakkidah after the fardh of Jummah.
(2) When Imam comes for khutbah then it is forbidden to offer any salah or talk. Hence one should not start any salah. Yes, one should make up the missed four rakah sunnah after offering fardh.
(3) It should be offered after the fardh of Jumuah.
(4) One should not raise his hands in Khutbah for dua or say Amen. It is forbidden. A hadith state:
اذا خرج الامام فلا صلاة ولا كلام .
Yes, one is allowed to reply the azan of khutbah. It is known by the hadith related by Hadhrat Emir Muavia (may Allah be pleased with him) in which he replied the azan of muezzin while sitting on the member and said:
يا ايها الناس انى سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على هذا المجلس حين اذن الموذن يقول ما سمعتم منى مقالتى (بخارى ج 1 ص 125)
But it is better to reply it in the heart.

how many Rakats In Jumma

How many rakats in juma namaz:- Juma Namaz Rakat has Total 14 rakat, first 4 sunnah, then 2 farz with the Imam Saheb then 4 sunnah then Again 2 sunnah then 2 nafal. Jummah prayer is not necessary for the woman.

I Hope Now You Are Aware From How Many Rakats In Jummah. So If You Are Still Confused About  how many rakats in jummah prayer Then See This Table 

PrayerBefore Fard (jummah rakats )FardSunnah (jummah prayer rakats)
(Friday prayer)
4 Rakat Sunnah24 rakat Sunnah , 2 rakat sunnah and 2 rakat nafil


Islam mein Jumma Tul Mubarak ko aik khas azmat, ahmiyat aur fazilat hasil hai. Jumma ka din intehayi azeem us shan, par sayadat aur ba barkat din hai. Hazoor nabi kareem S.A ne jumma ke din ko Eid ka din aur tamam dinon ka sardar qarar dia hai.

Quran o hadees ke hawale se Jumma tul mubarak aik intehayi moqddas aur mubarak din hai. Is ki azmat, fazilat aur shaan o martabah ka andaza hum sirf is baat se bhi laga skte hain keh quran pak mein is ke naam se aik mustqil surat, surah al juma mojood hai.

Juma ki Namaz ki Fazilat

Namaz jumma ke liye jama masjid mein jaldi jana keh pehli saf aur imam ke qareeb jagah mile, buhat hi ajar o sawab ka kaam hai.

Rasool kareem (SA) ne irshad farmaya: jo shakhsh jumma ke din ghusal kar ke awwal waqt mein aaye aur paidal chal kar aaye aur imam ke qareeb baithe aur ghor se khutbah sune aur is doran koi lugho ka kaam na kare to is ke liye har qadam ke badle mein saal bhar ki ibadat ka ajar o sawab hai.

Maloom hua keh yeh din buhat hi azmat o barkat wala din hai. Lehaza is ki azmat o shan ke mutabiq hamein yeh din Allah tala ki ibadat o bndagi mein basar karne chahiye

Hadees: Rasool’Allah (ﷺ) ne farmaya:
‘Behtareen din, jis par Suraj Tuloo hokar Chamke, Wo Juma ka din hai, isi din Aadam (A.S.) paida hue, isi din jannat me Dakhil kiye gaye, isi din Jannat se (Zameen par) Utaare gaye aur Qayamat bhi Juma ke Din Qayem hogi.’
– (Muslim: al Juma 854)

Hadees: Abu Lubaaba (Razi’Allahu Anhu) se riwayat hai Ke, Nabi-e-Kareem (ﷺ) ne farmaya:
‘Juma ka Din Dino’n ka Sardar hai, Allah ke nazdeek Badaa Din hai aur ye Allah ke Nazdeek Eid-uz-Zuhaa aur Eid-ul-Fitr se bhi badaa hai, is me 5 baatei’n hain:
1. Is me Allah Ta’ala ne Aadam (A.S.) ko paida kiya.
2. Is me Allah Ta’ala ne Aadam (A.S.) ko Zameen par utaara.
3. Is Din Aadam (A.S.) Faut (Wafat) hue.
4. Is me 1 Ghadi hai jo banda is Ghadi me Allah Ta’ala se Sawaal karta hai wo isko de deta hai jab tak wo Haraam Cheez ka sawaal na kare.
5. Is din Qayamat Qaaem hogi, koi Muqarrab Farishta na Aasmaan me, na Zameen me, na hawaa me, na Pahaad me aur na dariya me magar wo Juma se Darte hain.’
– (Ibne Majja: Iqamatis Salah 1084) Imam Buseeri ne Hasan kaha.

juma ki namaz ki rakat

Namaz Fard Se Pahle (jumma rakat )FardSunnat (jumma namaz rakat )
(Friday prayer)
4 Rakat Sunnat Fard se phle24 rakat Sunnah Fard ke bad  phirr 2 rakat sunnat Aur phir 2 rakat nafil Namaz

jumma ki namaz – Jumma mein 4 sunnatein Fard se phle, 2 farz jamat ke sath, phir 4 sunnatein, 2 sunnatein, Aur Phir 2 nafal.

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