Is KFC Chicken Halal In Islam – Well Every Muslim wants to Eat Delicious food And KFC Is The world’s most popular chicken restaurant That’s Why Muslims Want To Know About it Is KFC Halal? Is KFC haram? And A friend of mine also asked me whether this is Halal Or haram That’s Why I thought of writing an article about it too.

So I did a lot of research about it Any Finally I am Able to Collect All Fatwas/Masail In which People asked About KFC Chicken.

So Let’s See What Deoband Mufties Says About It:

Is KFC Chicken Halal?


My question is that is the KFC chicken is Halal Or Haram. When we go to purchase at KFC Ludhiana i ask about the Chicken. They answered me that the chicken is Halal. I saw some other Muslims are purchasing too. But I am in doubt because a person tells me that the KFC chicken is not Halal they use JHATKA chicken. So I want to know that what is the Write answer. Can I eat or not


One should refrain from the things which are doubtful. If KFC chicken is slaughtered according to Islamic rules it would be lawful, otherwise not. One should avoid purchasing and consuming it until there is no certainty or a strong presumption of being halal.

Question – Is KFC Haram?


If MacDonald, Pizza-Hut and KFC’s diet is not mixed with forbidden or nutritious things, then there is no Problem in the food and Spacially For Meat Do not eat until we have complete faith The shopkeeper will tell it Halal but it can not be trusted.


KFC is world famous restaurants, some branches in Delhi & other metro cities, who usually serve chicken dishes,, once, I visited the restaurant in Connaught Place. Before having some chicken item, I asked the manager about the chicken, what type of the chicken they are using in the restaurant ??? He confirmed me that we are using only HALAL chicken in their stores in India. & also got a certificate from Jama masjid stating that KFC uses only HALAL chicken in their stores in India.
The best and safest way for Muslims is to avoid eating meat in those restaurants. However, if one is sure about a restaurant that it presents halal meat or its owner is Muslim who certifies that the meat was halal then it is allowable to eat it.

KFC UK Halal O Haram

Now The Question Arise Does the KFC India used only Halal Chicken? I Visited KFC’s UK Site Here They Provide a specific Page About It and KFC UK also provide a certificate That He is Using Only Halal Chicken as You Can see In The Below Images


Kfc halal or haram

They Also Featured 100% certified halal Option While you refine Your Search at Find Store as You Can see in the below Picture

Kfc halal or haram

So now The Question is Arise For Indian People Because Uk Running a trail for Muslim people But in India, There is no Such Option and features Available.


If You Are 100% Sure About The Chicken is halal then it is allowable to eat But You are not Sure about it Then Avoiding eating KFC chicken is the best Option.


Allah knows best……

Is KFC Chicken Halal In Islam Read What Darul Ifta Deoband Says About It
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