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Prophet Muhammad quotes

Prophet Muhammad quotes or Hazrat Muhammad Quotes – As-Salamu-Alaikum everyone, I Hope You Like My Previous Article Islamic Quotes And Allah Quotes and Islamic Love Quotes Today I’m going to share Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ Quotes in English with beautiful images.

I posted this collection after a lot of research. If I give you the wrong saw quotes, then it will be wrong and it will be a Sin. hope you will like it.

The Record of Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon him) quotes is popularly called Ahadith, the term Ahadith is a plural term of Hadith / Hadees. Hadith or quotes of prophet Muhammad are utilized for certain intent. May Allah be delighted with all of the Sahaba’s (Razi Allahu taa’ala Anhu Wa RazuAnh) Who noted words of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and handed down to via a series of narrations. prophet quotes are clear sign to learn what’s permitted & illegal in Islam. And the way to act upon something in a fantastic method. There are various types of hadith of prophet Muhammad and have to be known in their own reality.

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Prophet Muhammad Quotes With Images

Here is the prophet quotes. Now I am Promis You I will try my best to update this post Once A Week. if You Interested to share more Prophet Muhammad Quotes with me. via Facebook page or comment on this post. JAZAK ALLAH 🙂

sayings of the prophet muhammad, hadith of the prophet Muhammad, 

sayings of the prophet Muhammad

The Prophet SAW said: ” Indeed The best Of Remedies You have is Cupping(Hijama)….”hadith of the Prophet Muhammad quotes.

Hadees in English of prophet Muhammad, quotes prophet muhammad, 

quotes Prophet Muhammad

“A Women who reveals her body or even wears tight fitting clothes won’t come within 500 Years of the Smell of Jannah.” prophet Muhammad Hadees in English.

Hazrat Muhammad quotes in English, sayings of prophet Mohammed, 

Hazrat Muhammad quotes in English

Don’t Become Angry! “sayings of the prophet Mohammed.

hazrat muhammad pbuh quotes, quotes of Hazrat Muhammad,

“quotes of Hazrat Muhammad” Whoever misses the Asar Prayer (Intentionally) Then It As If He Lost His Family And Property.”Hazrat Muhammad PBUH quotes.

Sayings of the prophet, sayings of prophet Muhammad in English, Prophet sayings

Prophet sayings

(concerning the rights of Muslim Upon Each Other): to visit The Sick..’‘prophet Muhammad Saying in English.

quotes by prophet Muhammad.

quotes by prophet Muhammad “shall i not tell you who will be forbidden from the fire? It will be forbidden For Every Gentle, Soft-Hearted & Kind Persons.”


quotes prophet muhammad, hadith of the prophet Muhammad, 

“Hadith of the prophet Muhammad”When you are angry Be Silent.”

 Hazrat Muhammad quotes in English, sayings of prophet Mohammed, sayings of the prophet muhammad

Muhammad prophet quotes.

“Whoever guides Someone to goodness will have a similar reward.” Mprophet Muhammad saw quotes.

Prophet sayings, hazrat muhammad pbuh quotes, quotes of Hazrat Muhammad,

” Most Of Your Sins are Because of Your Tongues.”quotes of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

saying of prophet Muhammad, sayings of the prophet, sayings of prophet Muhammad in English, 

” Alcohal Is The Mother Of All Evils.” sayings of the prophet.

prophet Muhammad saw quotes, quotes by prophet Muhammad, Muhammad prophet quotes,

” No man is a true believer unless he desires for his bother that, what he desires for him self.” Muhammad prophet quotes.

quotations from Prophet Muhammad SAW, Quote by Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, 

“whoever covers (the sin of) a Muslim Allah Will Cover hi (his sin) in This world And In The hereafter,” quotations from Prophet Muhammad SAW.

hadith of prophet Muhammad in Arabic and English, prophet Muhammad pbuh quotes in English

“Allah Does Not Look at your figures, Nor At Your Attire but He Look At your Hearts And Deeds,” Prophet Muhammad pbuh quotes in English.

uhammad saw quotes, prophet Muhammad hadith, Muhammad pbuh quotes

” you will be rewarded for whatever you spend for Allah sake even if it were a morsel Which You put in your wife’s Mouth” Prophet Muhammad Hadith.

prophet Muhammad sayings, sayings of prophet Muhammad

“He, Who Wishes TO Enter paradise At the Best Gate, Must Please his Father And mother,” Sayings Of ﷺ

So, Guys, These Are The Muhammad SAW quotes. The Actual life of Muhammad SAW If you read Muhammed Nabi SAW biography then you will understand. So if You Want Read prophet Muhammad story and sayings of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Then I Have A Good News For You, I’m about to write Prophet Muhammad story soon. Page Our Facebook Page For update.
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[*Latest*] Prophet Muhammad quotes With Images 2018
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