Download Pink Whale Challenge Apk And Avoid Blue Whale Game[Espalhe o Bem]

Download Pink Whale Challenge

Pink Whale Challenge Game Download – We all Are Aware Of Life taking game blue whale challenge But there is another game like that Called Pink Whale Challenge But Pink Whale Game is exactly the opposite of Blue whale dead game.

Yes, you heard it right.

So let’s Talk about Pink Whale challenge.

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What Is Pink Whale Challenge Game

As You know Blue Whale Dead game has increased the number of suicides So A few Month ago Pink Whale Challenge Game launched For Avoid Blue Whale Suicide Challenge and Maybe you like to play pink Whale and Stop playing it.

Pink Whale Challenge or as they call it – ‘Baleia Rosa‘, this is exactly Like blue whale challenge But But… Unlike the self-harming, depressing, suicide missions pink whale spread positivity and even encourages people to save lives.

Download Blue Whale Suicide Game And It’s Fact

Everything About Pink whale Challenge 

Pink Whale Challenge?

Its challenge is very interesting like write on hand how much you love someone, just smile and click a photo and send it to admin. Yes, it’s actually a challenge.

  • Write something nice about yourself on your hand with a marker
  • Call your loved ones
  • Chat with someone you haven’t talked to for a long time
  • Post a picture of you on social media with hashtag #PinkWhale and caption “I love beautiful”
  • Scratch someone’s back
  • Make someone smile
  • Give yourself motivation speech
  • Shout in the middle of that street “you love yourself”
  • Keep writing pink whale as fast as you can for 22 seconds.
  • Make a new friend
  • Share the game with 3 people
  • Forgive someone
  • Unblock a friend on social media
  • Tell your parents/Grandparents that you love them

pink whale challenge list

The Last Challenge Of Pink whale Game ( 50th)  is to rescue someone ( animal/human). This is quite a pleasant and healthy version of blue whale Dead game also it has shown the internet is perhaps not just for evil things, you will find a few fantastic individuals too. This pink whale match has an excellent answer from social media from throughout the world. Folks are posting pictures of those doing pink whale tasks on the internet. This is quite sweet.

When Pink Whale Challenge launched?

Pink Whale Challenge was founded in Brazil this year in April as You Know Every disease has an antidote, Pink Whale Game is just like An Antidote Against Blue Whale Game.

How Pink Whale Challenge Works

Like its Blue Whale Dare twin brother, the Pink Whale Game Give its own users to do 50 tasks over 50 days.

Just difference, here are encouraging the users to become happier, and maybe not kill them.

Instead of cutting into a wrist — like your Blue Whale will — that the Pink Whale requests one to write about how much you really love someone in your own skin…with a mark, please.

Other activities include Apologising/forgiving someone, telling your family that you love them, even unblocking a friend on a social networking site, to “shout I Love Myself in the middle of a street” (which is only a little extreme, though), etc..)

You have to complete all 50 task and upload it into social media using tag @iampinkwhale And #pinkehale.

So what are you waiting for do checkout pink whale download link and download it and take pink whale challenge and avoid blue whale challenge?

Pink Whale Challenge Official website

When you Visit pink whale challenge  You See like Below Images just Click On mobile if you Want to Download Pink Whale In Mobile And if You Want To Download Pink whale game In Desktop Then simply Click on The Web.

pink whale official website

As download Pink Whale Challenge And Avoid Blue Whale Game know Blue Whale Dead game has increased the number of suicidesBlue Whale Game and save your life.

Yes, a pink whale challenge is about saving lives, not taking it


Step By Step How To Download Pink Whale Challenge

Download pink Whale Challenge – Best Thing Of this Game Pink Whale Challenge is Easily Available In Play Store  So just Follow These Step And Download pink Whale challenge In your Mobile And your Kids Mobile And Spread Awareness About blue Whale Challenge.

    • First Of All Download Pink Whale Challenge. for ios users Click here
    • Or Simply Search on Play Store ”Espalhe o Bem”.
    • pink_whale_in_play_store
    • Once You Download It You Got a mail Like this
pink whale challenge mail

Source: @howrsam/ Twitter

  • just verify your email address
  • Just Click On Start Challenge
  • Pink_whale_start_challenge
  • now take your first task
  • pink_whale_challenge_first_challenge

Our Website Supports this beautiful Game Because Pink Whale Game is about saving lives, not taking it. Please, you too guys share this link with your friends and family and win over blue whale game.

Here I Am Shared Everything about pink whale challenge. Hope You Like this Post.

Share This post With your Friends And your family and Spread Love And happiness If You Find This Article Useful. and feel free to Comment About Pink Whale😇

Download Pink Whale Challenge Apk And Avoid Blue Whale Game[Espalhe o Bem]
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