Download Anti Blue Whale App [Pakistani Muslim Creates antidote For Blue Whale Game]

Download Anti Blue Whale App

Download Anti Blue Whale App – Everyone knows about the Blue Whale Dare Game But Now i am Going To Talk About Anti Blue Whale Game.

Before that, even the Pink Whale game has become More Famous Due To Blue Whale game But both apps are against Blue Whale Challenge Game.

Let’s Talk About Anti Blue Whale Game But Before This Also read this Article👇

[box type=”download”] Download Pink Whale Game[/box] [box type=”download”] Download Blue Whale Game[/box]

Who is The Creator of Anti Blue Whale Game 

[box type=”info”] An 18 Year Pakistani Boy “Waseem Gul” Creates This App. Whom Waseem named the Anti Blue Whale Game.

Waseem creates this App against Blue Whale Dare game, Anti Blue Whale Game app Is Totally Against Killer Blue Whale Game. This App will help convince people not to commit suicide. Anti-Blue Whale app will be awarding the person about the importance of life. The design of Anti Blue Whale app is just same as original blue whale challenge game but the tasks are completely different and positive![/box]

Challenges In Anti Blue Whale Game

This app, too, includes 50 tasks but all the 50 challenges are created to make people’s lives better. Here are Some of  those tasks:

  •  Do 10 Pushups.
  • Wake up at 6:00 am.
  • When you wake up, don’t move from the bed for 10 minutes.
  • Touch your nose using your right thumb.
  • Slice a fresh onion and try not to cry while doing it.
  • Eat a donut but don’t lick your fingers/lips afterward.
  • Eat 1 big tablespoon of pure ketchup Help your parents in household work.
  • Remember – Helping others without interest is cool. Do something special today.

After Completing all 50 Task You Will Get a notification like Below👇

“Congratulations you have become a Smart Blue Whale. Remember your life is a precious gift so don’t waste it on strange challenges you find on the internet. The world is full of strange people, some of them will try to scare you in order to make you do odd things, if something like this happens to you, inform your parents or adults that you trust. Stay healthy and happy blue whale grandmaster.”


Download Anti Blue Whale Game App

it’s Available on Internet but I am not able to find the real link of Anti Blue Whale App.

I promise to You guys Soon I will provide a Download Link Of This Anti Blue Whale Game Link.

[box type=”warning”] If you or someone you know is taking the Blue Whale Challenge, or experiencing thoughts of suicide, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).[/box]
Download Anti Blue Whale App [Pakistani Muslim Creates antidote For Blue Whale Game]
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