Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan Download [Live Update]

Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan Download – The three-day 70th “Aalami Tablighi Ijtima”  in Bhopal, the capital of central India state of Madhya Pradesh, is all set to commence here on November 25-26-27 after the offering of “Fajr Namaz” (early morning prayers) at the crack of dawn.

Preparations have begun at the Ijtima site located in Brighton. There, there is no spread of plastic waste at the place of Ijtima, for which the sale of water till the sachets is being banned. This time it is estimated to reach 14 to 16 lakh people.

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Sanitation arrangements

Special arrangements for cleanliness will be done at the site of the intersection. Also, Ijtima will not use any such stuff that will make plastic waste out. Even in the shops of the shops, it will be forbidden to keep water sachets. If a shop or polythene is found in a shop, its shop will be removed.

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Bhopal Ijtema download bayan 2017

Aalmi Tablighi Ijtima 2017

  • Bhopal Ijtema 2017 date – 25-26-27 November.
  • VENUE Molvi Ganj, Eintkhedi, Islam Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) India, Bhopal, India

Bhopal Ijtema Nikah Schedule Information

Almost 400 weddings are going to be in Ijtima this year will be confronted by Alami Tablalii Ijtima, run between MP from Bhopal from November 25 to 27. This will be the first time in 70-year history when the marriage will be read out on the first day of ijtima. Every year, on the second day of the ejitima event, women were studied.

The 70th anniversary is going to be held this year. According to the decision taken by Delhi Markaj this time, on the first day of Ijtima, only on November 25 would be a marriage. The marriage of about 400 pairs will be read in Ijtema. 300 forms of marriage have been filled up so far, which is decided to be studied in the marriage. Registration of Kaziyat, located at Alwa Masjid Committee, is underway. In such a situation, the number is likely to be 400 pairs.

 Bhopal Ijtema 2017 bayan Download

If You Want To Download Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan So MuslimDunyaa Upload All Live bayanat of Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Here,  their are Many Maulana Who Are Going To Bayan in This Aalami Ijtema Like Maulana saad Saheb And many Other Akabireen.

So if Want To Downlaod All bayanat Of Bhopla Ijtema 2017 then Stay tuned with Us. JazakAllah

Bhopal Aalami Ijtema 2017 Live Update :

25/11/2017 (Saturday) :

After Zohar : Maulana Jamshed SB DB (Link Update soon)

After Asr : Maulana Misbah SB DB (Link Update soon)

After Maghrib : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi SB DB (Link Update soon)

Bayaan in Ulema E Kiraam : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh (Link Update soon)

Sunday (26/11/2017) :

After Fajr : Maulana Showkath SB DB

Bayaan Purano me : Hazrat Ji Maulana Sa’ad SB DB

After Zohar : Maulana Yousuf Kandhlavi SB
DB (1st Son of Hazrat ji Maulana Saad SB DB)

After Asr : Maulana Chiraguddin sahab

After Magrib : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh

Monday (27/11/2017) :

After Fajr : Bhai Mursaleen SB DB Delhi

Rawangi : Bhai Mushtaq Sahab DB Mumbai

Dua’a : Hazrat Ji Maulana Sa’ad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh

Akabereen Who Attending this ijtema as per Mashwara 

Markaz Nizamuddin Update :

As per the Mashwara done in Markaz Nizamuddin, the following Akabireen attending Bhopal Aalami Ijtema 2017 In Shaa Allah

*Mashware se Tay Nizamuddin se Bhopal Ijtema jane wale hazrat*

1 Hazart Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh
2 Maulana Yousuf SB DB
3 Maulvi Saeed SB DB
4 Maulvi Zubairul hasan SB DB
5 Maulvi Khubeb ul Hasan sb
6 Maulvi Suheb ul Hasan sb
7 Maulvi Jamshed sb
8 Maulvi Shaukat sb
9 Bhai Mushtaq sb Mumbai
10 Maulvi Farooq sb mumbai
11 Bhai Inaam Sb
12 Bhai Mursaleen sb
13 Master Haroon sb.
14 Bhai Aslam Nagpur
15 Bhai Shareef sb Nagpur
16 Bhai Hakeemuddin sb Himachal
17 Bhai Ashraf sb Haidarabad
18 Mufti Muhammad sb
19 Maulvi Umar mewat sb
20 Bhai Muhammad Shahzaad sb
21 Bhai Nurul Azam sb
22 Bhai Farooq sb Punjab
23 Mufti Majad sb Rajasthan
24 Bhai Sahrab sb
25 Docter Mukhtas sb Kerala
26 Maulvi Abdulla sb Jhanji
27 Maulvi Qasam sb
28 Maulvi Bilal sb Belgaum
29 Bhai Altaf sb Banagalore
30 Bhai Naeem sb Udisa
31 Maulvi Abdul baari sb
32 Maulvi Mahmood sb Akola
33 Mufti Zaid Gujrat sb
34 Maulvi Shafiq Bangal
35 Mufti Maqsood sb
36 Maulvi Abdul Momin sb
37 Mufti Sajid sb
38 Mufti Zuher ul islam sb
39 Maulvi abdul sattar sb
40 Bhai Aasim sb

Bhopal Ijtema 25.11.2017 Bayan Downlaod 

Maulana Ali Qadar D.b Bayan After Fajr (Bhopal ijtema 2017 Bayan)

Maulana Jamshed D.B After Zuhar| Bhopal Aalami Ijtima 2017 (25-11-2017)

Maulana Misbah D.B After Asar | Bhopal Aalami Ijtima 2017 25-11-2017

Heart Touching Bayan By maulana saad sb after magrib In Bhopal aalmi Ijtema 25.11.2017

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Bhopal Ijtema 26.11.2017 Bayan Downlaod 

Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Maulana Saad Sahab Bayan After Maghrib (26.11.2017)

Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan By Maulana Saad Sahab After Fajr (purano me baat) 26.11.2017

Bhopal Ijtema 27.11.2017 Bayan Downlaod

Update soon 

 Maulana Saad Saheb After Fajar 27 November 2016

Maulana Saad Saheb Majlis And Dua 28 November 2016


 Bhopal Ijtema 2015 Bayan Download

Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Laat SB Bhopal ijtema bayan Download (28-11-2015 After magrib-Bhopal ijtema )


Bhopal Ijtema 2015 Last-bayan Maulana Saad Sb 30 november 2015



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Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan Download [Live Update]
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