What Are the Basic Facts about Islam?

What Are the Basic Facts about Islam?

If you want to follow and want to know the things about Islam then you must have to know that is the thing which means Surrender, submission, and Salam. So as that it is the complete root word of the Islam and the religious context the word Islam and covers the meaning known as surrendering of ones will right without the true will of the Allah in a specific term of effort to get the peace.

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Now here we have giving best and basic Islamic facts about to know by each one person of the world and they will also appreciate it.

  1. A) Into the Islam, the people who enter into the religion called Muslim and the Muslim mean any person or anything that surrenders itself to the true will of Allah. With this clear definition each and everything in nature are Muslims and due to they are in a complete state main surrender of God’s will.
  2. B) For us, the Islam is absolutely not a basic new religion or the cult. So as that it is a complete universal way of the life and about the civilizations of the people into the community or is also into the countries. Millions of the people are new as converting into the Islam and being able to get the comfort of their living standards.
  3. C) Basically, the thing which matters the five main pillars of the Practice in Islam. Some of the times the studies actually show that right between to be considered to true Muslim are quite good for us. The main thing is that to become Muslim a person simply recites this statement publicly and in Arabic.
  4. D) The Islamic concept of God is that is loving, merciful and compassionate and towards us all the time. It is fact and Muslim do believe in God and that his names as 99 or the different attributes into the Quran and it is right through these names that one can easily come to know the creator.
  5. E) The Muslims believe in all of the true Prophet and that actually Preceded Muhammad and from the Adam to Jesus. Muslims do believe that they brought the same message of the voluntarily surrendering to gods will to different peoples at the various times.
  6. F) Muslims neither worship Muhammad nor pray through him. It is fact Muslims worship the unseen Omniscient Creator as Allah. They do believe the complete mercy of the Allah and they will get all the blessings of them continuously.
  7. G) Muslims accept the various original and unaltered Torah and the original unaltered Bible since they were revealed by God. None of such scriptures exist today in their original form or in their entirety so Muslims follow the subsequent final and preserved revelation of Allah the Quran.
  8. F) Muslim Women are not oppressed in Islam and any kind of the Muslim man that actually oppresses women is not completely following the Islam. The Islam grants women many right into the home for to treat them as the most poise treasure for us.


What Are the Basic Facts about Islam?
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