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[*Tattoo In Islam*] Are Tattoos Haram In Islam

Tattoo In Islam Tattoo In Islam – Every Muslim Confused about Tattoo In Islam, are tattoos a sin in Islam❔ are tattoos haram❔is getting a tattoo a sin❔ and if this is Unlawful Then Why❔ why are tattoos haram In Islam so Keep reading ahead👇 why are tattoos haram In Islam❔ So Lets Starting Talking About Why❔ So Tattoo In Islam, according to several Hadith, are not allowed, since they constitute an alteration and modification of Allah’s (SWT) creation. 10 MASAIL/FATWA ACCORDING TO ISLAM THAT MUSLIMS GIRLS DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT  Masail/Fatwas About (is tattoo haram in Islam?):- Question – Is Tattoos permitted in...

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Dua For Evil Eye Protection | Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua

Dua For Evil Eye Protection | Nazar Se Bachne Ki Dua – Assalamu Alaikum everyone, today I am sharing very important thing(Dua For Evil Eye/Nazar se bachne Ki Dua), It is very important for us to know about dua for protection from evil eye, Our Prophet (saw) read this dua for evil eye protection to avoid the sight for Hasan-Hussain. dua for evil eye Read In English  So Here I Will Talk About All These Things Which Is Mention Below *dua for evil eye and black magic *dua for evil eye in arabic *dua for protection from evil eye and jealousy *nazar ki dua *nazre...

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The foundation of Tablighi Jamat and It’s Principle 

The foundation of Tablighi Jamat and It’s Principle The Foundation Of Tablighi Jamat:- Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi has been the creator of Tablighi Jamaat who lived in India.The first aim of Tablighi Jamaat is that the Islamic spiritual reformation by working at every degree reaching out to Muslims across all social to bring them nearer to Islam. Read In Hindi Tablighi Jamaat was first formed in 1926 in Mewat, in northern India, which had been inhabited with the Meos, a Rajputethnic team. At that time, a few Indian Muslim leaders worried that Muslims were losing their spiritual identity to the...

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10 Deoband Fatwas/Masail you Must Know Before Wedding Night

Fatwa/Masail About Wedding Night – Every One Hesitate To Talk About It But It’s very important to be clear About This Sensitive Topic,  So here I have taken 10 Fatwas/Masails from The Official site of Darul Ifta Deoband. 1 Question – I heard that if u do not have sex before walima then its food is haram. Answer –   Whatever you have heard is not right. Walimah is sunnah in any case, whether one does intercourse or not. [Question 6485 (Fatwa: 1338/1168=B/1429)] 2 Question –  If wife is passing from monthly periods ? Answer –   It is Haram to do intercourse while the...

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[Best 100+] Cute Muslim Girls Images | Hijab Styles Whatsapp Dp for Muslim Girls

Cute Muslim Girls Images | Hijab Styles Whatsapp Dp for Muslim Girls: Have a Look At Muslim Girls Profile Picture For Facebook And Hijab Girls Profile Pics. Muslim Girls doesn’t like to keep their Original DP on their profile pic. Muslim Girls like Stylish Arabic Girls With Hijab for their Whatsapp DPs, Facebook Profile picture. Mostly Muslim girls love to upload a photo of Hijabi girl as DPs. Also, they want hijab DP’S with little bit fashionable look. So, Here I’m sharing Dp for Muslim Girls in Arab Style Hijab with So, Today  Muslim Dunyaa sharing Cute DPs for Muslim...

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