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ट्रिपल तालाक के नए कानून को हर मुसलमान को जानना जरुरी हो सकती है इतने साल तक की जेल

Triple Talaq – मौजूदा मसौदे के तहत, अपराध के संदेह वाले लोगों को जमानत के लिए योग्य नहीं होगा। यह किसी भी रूप में अभ्यास पर प्रतिबंध लगा देगा – लिखित रूप में, या पाठ संदेश द्वारा। भारत में विचार किए जाने वाले ड्राफ्ट कानून के तहत “तत्काल तलाक” करने वाले पति को जेल में तीन साल की सजा सुनाई जा सकती है। Triple Talaq देने वाले पुरुष तीन साल के लिए जेल में हो सकते हैं, एक Nye कानून के मुताबिक, जो इस अभ्यास को रोकने के लिए जारी है। प्रस्तावित कानून में त्वरित Triple Talaq एक गैर जमानती,...

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How To Pray Isha Witr or Isha Ki namaz ka tarika in English+Hindi

how to pray isha In English How To Pray Isha Witr – AssalamuAlaikum, Today we Are Going To Share Method about How To Perform Isha Salah, Many People Confused About This Salah Because Of Witr Salah, Here We Share How You Can Perform 3 Rakah Witr Prayer And 4 Rakah Ghair Muakkadah Sunnah Before Fard Is Proved By Hadith Or Not Many Thing Posted In This Article. Agar Aap Hindi Me Pdhna Chahte Hai to Yha Click Kare How Many Rakat In isha Prayer? There Are Total 17 Rakat in Isha Prayer, 4 Rakat Ghair Muakkadah Sunnah Before 4 Rakah...

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Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan Download [Live Update]

Bhopal Ijtema 2017 Bayan Download – The three-day 70th “Aalami Tablighi Ijtima”  in Bhopal, the capital of central India state of Madhya Pradesh, is all set to commence here on November 25-26-27 after the offering of “Fajr Namaz” (early morning prayers) at the crack of dawn. Preparations have begun at the Ijtima site located in Brighton. There, there is no spread of plastic waste at the place of Ijtima, for which the sale of water till the sachets is being banned. This time it is estimated to reach 14 to 16 lakh people. Sanitation arrangements Special arrangements for cleanliness...

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Bhopal Aalmi Tablighi ijtema 2017 Images And Layout Plan

Bhopal Aalmi Tablighi ijtema 2017 Images And Layout Plan – Alami Tablighi Ijtima was started in 1947 from Bhopal. This Aalmi Ijtema started by 4 people, crossing many studies and reaching the extent of 1.4 million people. Maulana Miskin Saheb had started it with the tribe of 4 people in the Chameli Masjid located in Bhadbhunja, the Valley of old Bhopal. The number increased, then Ijtima Masjid started in Shakur Khan. Its next destination was in the Jama Masjid Mano Mamola of that era. After a while, it was brought to Jama Masjid of Jumaratri Chowk again in Tajul...

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[*Latest*] Eid Milad Un Nabi 2017 Images

Eid Milad Un Nabi Images 2017 – The Third month of Islamic Calendar is associated with the birth and death anniversary of beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As You Know 12th of Rabi ul Awwal is celebrated by Many Muslims as “Eid Milad Un Nabi (SAW)” to welcome the arrival of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) to this world. Eid Milad Un Nabi 2017 Date – 2 December 2017 Related Article HAZRAT MUHAMMAD QUOTES AND MUHAMMAD SAW SAYINGS WITH IMAGES IN ENGLISH/HINDI Best 50 Jumma Mubarak Images With Quotes [Best 100+] Cute Muslim Girls Images Eid Milad Un Nabi 2017 Images “Jashne eid...

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