Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan Download 2018

Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan Download 2018 – The three-day Ijtema in Aurangabad, the Muslim City Of Maharashtra INDIA, is all set to commence here on February  24-25-26 after the offering of “Fajr Namaz” (early morning prayers) at the crack of dawn.

Preparations have begun at the Ijtima site. This time it is estimated to reach 30 to 40 lakh people.

Update – Spacial Train List For Aurangabad ijtema 2018

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Aurangabad ijtema 2018 Dates

24-25-26 February

Aurangabad Ijtema 2018 Venue

Near Limbe Jalgaon village in Gangapur taluka District Aurangabad Maharashtra

Aurangabad Ijtema bayan Download

Aurangabad Ijtema 2018 Nikah Schedule Information

There are More Than 3000 pairs Are Participating in Aurangabad Ijtema.

Maulana  Saad Sahab Latest Bayan Download

Aurangabad ijtema 2018 live Update

Aurangabad Aalami Ijtema 2018 Update :

Mashwara Details :

(23-02-2018/Friday) :

Before Jumah : Maulana Mahmood Akola Damat’Barkatuh
Jumah Khutbah & Namaz : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi
After Jumah : Maulana Shareef Damat’Barkatuh
After Asar :Maulana Abdul Momin Damat’Barkatuh
After Maghrib : Maulana Jamshed Damat’Barkatuh

(24-02-2019/Saturday) :

After Fajr – Maulana Yousuf Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh
After Fajr(Bayaan in Old Workers) – Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh
Bayaan in Muallimeen :Bhai Mushtaq Damat’Barkatuh
After Zuhar : Maulana Showkath Damat’Barkatuh
After Asar : Maulana Saeed Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh
After Maghrib : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh

(25-02-2019/Sunday) :

After Fajr (Bayaan in Ulama-E-Kiraam) : Maulana Jamshed Damat’Barkatuh & Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh
After Fajr : Maulana Showkath Damat’Barkatuh
After Zuhar : Maulana Shameem Damat’Barkatuh
After Asar : Nikah Majlis by Hazrat Ji
After Maghrib : Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh

(26-02-2019/Monday) :

After Fajr : Hafiz Manzoor Damat’Barkatuh
Rawangi & Dua’a : Shaykh Ul Hadith Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi Damat’Barkatuh


Aurangabad Ijtema 2018 Bayan Download

If You Want To Download Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan 2018 So MuslimDunyaa Uploaded All Live bayanat of Aurangabad Ijtema 2018 Here, Their are Many Maulana Who Are Going To Bayan in This Most Awaited Ijtema Like Maulana saad Saheb And many Other Akabireen.

So if Want To Download All Bayanat Of Aurangabad Ijtema 2018 then Stay tuned with Us.


Aurangabad Ijtema Me Malaika Ne Tumhare Sath kaam Kia Hai – Maulana Saad Sahab

After Fajr (Bayaan in Old Workers)

Maulana sad sahab Aurangabad Ijtema After fajr bayan In Mp3 


Aurangabad Ijtema After Johar Day 1

Aurangabad Ijtema After Zuhar Bayan 24-02-2018



Aurangabad Ijtema After Maghrib Bayan By maulana Saad Sahab

Maulana Saad Sahab Bayan at Aurangabad ijtema After maghrib Day 1 In Mp3


Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan Download (25.02.2010)

After Fajr (Bayaan in Ulama-E-Kiraam)

After Fajr (Bayaan in Ulama-E-Kiraam)  Mp3 By Maulana Sad Sahab 



Aurangabad Ijtema After Maghrib Day 2

Aurangabad Ijtema Mp3 bayan Download after maghrib day 2 by maulana saad sahab


Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan Download  (26.02.2010)

Aurangabad Ijtema After Fajr Day 3  Dua

Aurangabd Ijtema Last Bayan or dua Download in mp3




Markaz Nizamuddin Update :

As per the *Mashwara* done in *Aalami Markaz Bangle Wali Masjid Hazrat Nizamuddin*, the following Akabireen as well *Shoora Hazraat from different countries* will attend the Ijtema In Shaa Allah :

1. Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhlavi SB DB
2. Maulana Zuhairul Hasan SB DB
3. Maulana Suhaibul Hasan SB DB
4. Maulana Khubaibul Hasan SB DB
5. Maulana Yousuf SB DB
6. Maulana Saeed SB DB
7. Maulana Ilyas SB DB
8. Maulana Shareef SB DB
9. Maulana Jamshed SB DB
10. Maulana Showkath SB DB
11. Maulana Shameem SB DB
12. Maulana Mehmood SB DB, Basti
13 Mufti Shehzad SB DB
14. Mufti Yaqoob SB DB
15. Maulana Farooq SB DB, Mumbai
16. Maulana Bilal SB DB
17. Maulana Shafee SB DB, Bengal
18. Maulana Farhan SB DB, Bihar
19. Maulana Qamar Naseem SB DB, Bihar
20. Mufti Amjad SB DB, Rajasthan
21. Maulana Umar SB DB, Rajasthan
22. Mufti Basalama SB DB, Hyderabad
23. Maulana Abdul Momin SB DB
24. Maulana Abdul Aleem SB DB
25. Maulana Abdul Aleem SB DB
26. Maulana Abdul Momin SB DB
27. Maulana Mehmood SB DB, Akola
28. Bhai Mursaleen SB DB, Delhi
29. Bhai Haroon SB DB, Delhi
30. Bhai Mushtaq SB DB, Mumbai
31. Master Abdul Hameed SB DB, Mewat
32. Bhai Shamsuszama SB DB, Assam
33. Bhai Fareed SB DB, Assam
34. Bhai Muqeem SB DB, Odissa
35. Bhai Shareef SB DB, Nagpur
36. Bhai Afzal SB DB, Punjab
37. Bhai Ameen SB DB, Gujrat
38. Bhai Raees Qureshi SB DB, Delhi
39. Bhai Farooq SB DB, Wadi
40. Bhai Aasim SB DB
41. Bhai Ikram SB DB,Hyderabad
42. Bhai Altaf SB DB, Bangalore
43. Bhai Anees SB DB, Bengal
44. Shaikh Noor Vali SB DB
45. Bhai Ibrahim Al Hashim SB DB
46. Bhai Jasim Darvesh SB DB
47. Bhai Adnan Akbar SB DB
48. Bhai Adnan SB DB
49. Bhai Saood SB DB
50. Bhai Muflih SB DB
51. Bhai Al Qarni SB DB
52. Bhai Abbas SB DB
53. Bhai Osama SB DB
54. Shaikh Yaseer SB DB, Palestine
55. Muhammad Asad SB DB, Sudan
56. Shaikh Hakeem SB DB, Makkah Mukarramah
57. Shaikh Ali Al Qazi SB DB
58. Master Haroon SB DB, Mewat
59. Bhai Saeed SB DB, Mewat
60. Bhai Abdul Aleem SB DB
61. Bhai Abdullah SB DB
62. Bhai Farooq SB DB, Akola
63. Bhai Aslam SB DB, Nagpur
64. Bhai Saalik SB DB, Meerut
65. Master Aazam SB DB
66. Bhai Inaam SB DB, Delhi
67. Bhai Khusro Miyan SB DB, Bhopal
68. Bhai Iqqbal Hafeez SB DB, Bhopal
69. Qari Saifulla SB DB, Delhi
70. Haji Raees SB DB, Delhi Etc

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Aurangabad Ijtema Bayan Download 2018
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