10 Deoband Fatwas/Masail you Must Know Before Wedding Night

Fatwa/Masail About Wedding Night – Every One Hesitate To Talk About It But It’s very important to be clear About This Sensitive Topic,  So here I have taken 10 Fatwas/Masails from The Official site of Darul Ifta Deoband.

[button color=”green”] 1[/button] [box] Question – I heard that if u do not have sex before walima then its food is haram.

Answer –


Whatever you have heard is not right. Walimah is sunnah in any case, whether one does intercourse or not.

[Question 6485 (Fatwa: 1338/1168=B/1429)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 2[/button] [box] Question –  If wife is passing from monthly periods ?

Answer –


It is Haram to do intercourse while the wife is in menstruation, as it has been mentioned in the Quran:

واعتزلوا النساء فی المحیض (الآیۃ)

[Question 6485 (Fatwa: 1338/1168=B/1429)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 3[/button] [box] Question – it permissible For a wife to suck his husband’s penis or can a husband lick her wife’s vagina.

Answer –


This is extremely shameful and disgusting act. This is a beastly and repugnant habit, thus very undesirable and a sinful act:

فی النوازل: اذا أدخل الرجل ذکرہ فی فم امرأتہ، قد قیل یکرہ (عالمگیری: 5/372)

[Question 1871 (Fatwa: 688/684=N)] [/box]

[button color=”green”] 4[/button] [box] Question – Is Nikah break if someone has Anal Sex with his wife?


Answer –

The nikah will not be broken but anal sex is haram, unlawful and sin. However, if one does intercourse into the vagina from behind it is allowed.

[Question No-6622 (Fatwa: 643/643=M-1429)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 5[/button] [box] Question – During intercourse can a husband & wife have the sex talk and can see each other private parts. Can we have sex in the standing position?

Answer –


It is allowable to talk about their sexual relationship.

Seeing is also allowable, but not better. It is mentioned in hadith that Hadhrat Ayisha (رضى الله عنها) said about the holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم): “Never he saw of me nor I saw his”.

Doing it standing is not haram or sin, but it is not better too.

[Questio No-6977(Fatwa: 1782/1381=H/1429)] [/box]

[button color=”green”] 6[/button] [box] Question – Is the usage of Condom is allowed in ISLAM


Answer – Condom is used with many intentions and purposes. If the intention is correct and in accordance with Sharia law then it is allowed, otherwise not.

[Question No – 648 (Fatwa: 658/J)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 7[/button] [box] Question – Is contraceptive pills/Condom/Tablets like Mala-D are permissible in Islam to control birth temporarily?


Answer – On the basis of valid reasons, it is allowable to use temporary contraceptives (pills or condoms), otherwise it is makrooh (undesirable). You must have written what is the problem with you.

[Question No 8137 (Fatwa: 1050/1050=M/1429)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 8[/button] [box] Question – Is touching of husband’s genital allowed?

Answer –


It is permissible:

و ھو تحقیق وجیہ لأنہ یجوز لہ أن یلمس بجمیع بدنہ حتی بذکرہ جمیع بدنھا الا ما تحت الازار، فکذا ھی لھا أن تلمس بجمیع بدنھا الا ما تحت الازار جمیع بدنہ حتی ذکرہ (الشامی: 1/487)

[Question No 2135 (Fatwa: 997/997=J)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 9[/button] [box] Question –

Is sucking the breast of wife permissible before child birth? because this is the time when milk will not produce.

Answer –

It is permissible, but after childbirth when the possibility of producing milk is greater one should avoid it lest the milk should not go inside the throat:


وھو تحقیق وجیہ لانہ یجوز لہ ان یلمس بجمیع بدنہ حتی بذکرہ جمیع بدنھا الا ماتحت الازار فکذا ھی لھا (الحائضة) ان تلمس بجمیع  بدنہ حتی ذکرہ الخ (الشامي، باب الحیض، ج 1، ص 487)

[Question 772 (Fatwa: 294/L)][/box]

[button color=”green”] 10[/button] [box] Question – Can I do mammary intercourse with my wife? This sex act involves the man placing his penis in the woman’s cleavage and thrusting between her breasts, while the breasts are squeezed around the penis for additional stimulation.


Answer – Shariah has allowed a man to enjoy all the parts of his wife except her back side. There is no evidence that enjoying any specific part except backside is prohibited. If any husband does mammary intercourse with his wife then it is allowed as per the Shariah, but there are some Fiqh scholars who prohibit this. (Shami, Vol. 3, p 371, published by: Maktaba Zakaria Deoband) Therefore, one should avoid it as long as one can and should enjoy it only in the time of need i.e. when the wife is experiencing her menses and the sexual desire of husband is highly aroused.

[Question 47155 (Fatwa: 1349/1327/N=11/1434)][/box] [box]

[button color=”green”] 1[/button]

Sawal – Maine Aisa Suna Hia ki Agar walima Se pahle Sex Nhi Kiya Gya To Khana Haram hoga?

Jawab – Jo Kuch Bhi Aapne suna hai Wo Galat hai. Walima kisi bhi haal me ek sunnah hai jo ki mubashrat hone ya na hone pe depend nhi karta.

[button color=”green”] 2[/button]

Sawaal – Agar Biwi Monthly Periods me ho?

Jawab – Ye Haram Hai Ki Jab Biwi ke Periods Chal Rhe ho to Biwi Ke Sath Mubashrat karo, Aur ye Baat Quran me bhi likhi Hai

واعتزلوا النساء فی المحیض (الآیۃ)

[button color=”green”] 3[/button]

Sawal – Kya Ye Sahi hai Ki Biwi Apne Sohar Ki Sharmgah Ko Suck kare Ya Phir Sohar Apne Biwi Ke Vagina ko Chate.

jawab – Ye Bhut hi Sharmnak Aur Nafrat angej Amal hai. ye Bhut hi Badbakhat Amal hai Is Lie Aisa karna Sahi nhi Hai Aur Ek Sinful Act  hai.

[button color=”green”] 4[/button]

Answer – Kya Nikah toot Jayga Agar Mai Biwi Ke Sath Anal Sex Karta hun?

Sawal – Nikah Nhi Tootega lekin Anal Sex haram Hai, Shariat ke Khilaf aur gunah wala Amal hai. Lekin Agar aap Peeche Ki Traf Se Vagina Me Mubashrat karte hai To ye allowed Hai.

[button color=”green”] 5[/button]

Sawal – Sohbat Ke Dauran Kya Miya-biwi Sexual Talk Kar Sakte hai Aur Ek Dusre ke Privet Parts Dekh Sakte Hai. Aur standing position me Mubashrat karna kaisa hai?

Jawab – Apne Sexual Relatiopship Ke Bare Me Baat Karne me Koi Dohraii Nhi hai

Privets parts Dekhna bhi Allowed hai, Lekin Bahtar nhi. Ek hadees me aaya hai ki hadhrat aaisha (رضى الله عنها) Ne is Bare bare me bataya ki: na hi unhone (Muhammad SAW) ne Dekha Aur na hi Maine “.

Khade Ho kar Karna Na Hi Haram hai aur na hi Gunah, lekin Yah bhatar hai Ki Isko Avoid Karo

[button color=”green”] 6[/button]

Sawal – Condom Ka Istemal kaisa hai?

Jawab – Condom ka use Bhut Sare Intention Me hota hai  Agar aapka intention Sahi hai Aur Ye Shariat Ke dayre me aata ho to isme koi dohrai nhi hai, Warna Iska Istemal Shi Nhi.

[button color=”green”] 7[/button]

Sawal – Kya pills aur Tablets ka Istemal Sahi hai Pregnency ko Kuch Waqt Ke Lie Avoid Karne Ke Lie.

Jawab – Agar Reason Shi Hai, Tab Pregnency avoid karne me koi Harz nhi, Otherwise ye Makrooh hai, Agar Aap Apna Reason Likhenge To Is Lihahaz Se Iska Istemal Bataya jayga.

[button color=”green”] 8[/button]

Sawal – Kya Mard Ke Sharmgah ko Chuna Sahi hai

Jawab – Ha Ye Allowed hai.

[button color=”green”] 9[/button]

Sawal – Kya wife breastfeeding husband islam Child birth se pehle jayaz hai Kyunki Is Waqt Milk Nhi Nikalta hai.

Jawab – ye Permissible hai, Lekin baccha Hone Ke Baad Breastfeeding ki possibilty zayda hoti hai to iske avoid karna bahtar hai agar karte hai to kam as kam iska khayal rakhe ki milk Gale ke andar na jane paye.

[button color=”green”] 10[/button]

Sawal – Kya Ham Mammary Mubashrat (Breast Fucking) Kar Sakte hai

Jawab – Shariat Ek Shohar ko biwi ke har parts Se Enjoy karne Ki Ijazat Deti Hai. Siwaya Anal Sex Ke.

ye Shariat Ke Hisab Se Zayaj hai Lekin Kuch Fiqh ne Ise Galat Karar bhi diya hai  (Shami, Vol. 3, p 371, published by: Maktaba Zakaria Deoband), Ye Bhatar Hai Ki Aap Isko Avoid Karne ki Koshish Kare Ya phir Ise Tab kare jab biwi Ki Mubashrati Jarurat Bhut Zayda Ho.

10 Deoband Fatwas/Masail you Must Know Before Wedding Night
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