10 Haram Things In Islam That Muslims Didn’t Know About

 10 Haram Things In Islam That Muslims Didn’t Know About

Haram Things In Islam – There Are Many Things Is Haram in Islam But we know about very few list of haram things But Today I am Going To Talk About 10 Haram Things in Islam That Muslims Didn’t Know About.

First Of All I Want To Clear it’s Meaning حَرام haram name meaning in urdu Is “منع ہے” or haram name meaning in English Forbidden“. forbidden in hindi is “मना किया हुआ”.


1. E471 Halal or Haram

Some individual claimed that sometimes E471 maybe is stated as from plant origin by the food supplier but it is actually from pig fat. Therefore they said the best way for Muslims or any vegetarian is to avoid from eating food that contains E471.

Firstly look at What Types of mixture contain in E471👇


Now Look At Darul Ifta Deoband View About E471 Halal Or Haram or emulsifier halal or Haram:-

[box] Question – The question is whether the E471 code should be used or not? Here some Muslims refrain from it and do nothing.

Answer – If you are sure to have a forbidden item in the code if you or your well-known persons have observed the taste of forbidden material with its own eyes, then its food will not be valid, but only if you have doubt About This Code then it is not permissible to understand it as forbidden.[/box]

Final Words About E471 Halal or Haram:

According to given Picture And Darul ifta, Deoband Masail, When we look at both of them, it shows that E471 haram in Islam because There is something found in E471 Which is totally Against Islamic Rules.

2. why is alcohol haram in Islam❓ 

alcohol haram in islam

Why Alcohol Haram In Islam? This is the most Underrated Question in Islam

So I did a lot of research about this and after that, I looked at Darul Iftaa, Deoband Masail Where Some One Asked About Why Alcohol Forbidden In Islam ❔ 

So he found this answer there About Alcohol Haram In Islam👇

[box] Consuming little intoxicants invites naturally to more consumption and when a person gets addicted to it he is unable to stop himself from the little. Therefore, in view of the religions, it is necessary to declare something unlawful if found intoxicant, and whatever thing is intoxicant should be unlawful. So, it has been mentioned in the hadith:

ما اسكر كثيره فقليله حرام (مشكاة حديث: 3645)

Things which intoxicate in much quantity their little quantity are also haram.

The bad effect on drinking is that drunken quarrels with people abuse them and creates a disturbance.[/box]

Final Words About Alcohol in Islam

So I Hope You Understand That’s Why Alcohol Is Prohibited In Islam

3. Eating or Earning Interest [Halal Or Haram?]

earning intrest haram in islam

Riba (Interest) is never allowed in Islam because it is a system that makes poor the poorest and rich the richest!

If You Need something more About This Topic then comment down, I will provide some more reason Why (Riba) interest Haram in islam👍


4. Men wearing Silk And Gold [Halal Or Haram?]

Men wearing Silk And Gold is haram in islam

I Found a Hadith Which fully proves that Men Wearing Silk And Gold Is Haram In Islam

Words Of Hadith Like This👇

[box] Hazrat Ali narrates that once the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) held Hareer (silk) in his right hand and took gold in his left hand and said: both of these two are haraam (prohibited) for the males of my Ummah (people).

As far as the matter of silver is concerned, it is allowed to wear a quantity of one Misqaal (=4.374 mg) as a ring, not more than that.[/box]

Final Words About Mens Wearing Silk And Gold

According to the Hadith, wearing gold is prohibited for males. I Hope You Understand if We Follow This Hadith In Sha Allah We Will Get Rewarded After This Temporary Dunyaa.

[box type=”bio”] list of halal and haram food ingredients[/box]

5. Masturbation [Halal Or Haram?]

Masturbation is a question about which we avoid asking To Our Local Ulmah That Why People do not know about Masturbation Is Haram In Islam.

Just Look At What Darul Ifta Deoband Said About Masturbation Is A Sin in Islam or this Is Lawful?

[box] Masturbation is haram. It is mentioned in a hadith that on the Day of Judgment the masturbator shall be raised in a condition that his hand fingers shall be pregnant. All human beings from Adam to the Day of Judgment shall be gathered on the resurrection day and he shall face humiliation in front of them.
In case one has high sexual desires, then he is advised to keep fast. Masturbation does not reduce the sexual desire rather it renders the penis weak and leaves man unfit for marriage. Masturbation causes weakness in the central parts of the body and it affects health to a degree that the patient prefers death on life. You must refrain from it in any condition.[/box]

Final Words About Masturbation Is Haram In Islam

Here Are 5 list of haram things Which Is Not Allowable In Islam and For More 5 Things which is forbidden in Islam keep reading Ahead👇

6. Accounted Job [Halal Or Haram?]

Accounted Job haram in islam

Just Look At Darul Ifta, Deoband views About This Topic👇

[box] Question – I am an accountant and I have done the contract with three different companies to maintain their accounts. In accounting job different types of works are done by me, for example, insurance, medical policies, PPF, NPF, mutual fund payments and records maintained as well as many works of accountants. The company also takes the loan of interest for work. I want to know that accountant job is halal or haram.

Answer – It is unlawful to do a job related to interest-based dealing. However in the question mentioned above if you are only assigned to check the records, accounts etc of various companies and you only supervise it as an accountant then it is not haram and unlawful, however, it is better to avoid it. Hadhrat Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahib writes:

“In the above-mentioned question, the job in account department of the said company seems allowable, if one has to maintain only the account of the company then it shall not be helping in sins and thus shall not be haram, as it is distant help, hence this job seems to be allowable at the time of need, however, if avoided then it is better.” (Fatawa Usmani: 3/399).

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband[/box]

7. Music [Halal Or Haram?]

In countless traditions and verses, music has been declared haram and prohibited.

Music is prohibited in Islam; since Allah Almighty and His messenger (peace be upon him) have disallowed it. For a Muslim, this is the major reason. There is no other reason greater than this one.

8. Tattoos [Halal Or Haram?]

Tottoo in islam

It is not permissible to Tattooing Your Body in Islam; The curse of God has come upon such people, the consensus of Bukhari and Muslim Sharif is clear and clear: Ibn ibn Umar (may Allaah bless him and grant him peace and blessings be upon him): قال الإسلام أن النبي قال: لعن الله الواصلة والمستوصلة والواشمة والمستوشمة. Mutaphyas reappeared.

Final Words About Tattoo Is Haram In Islam

I Separately Wrote an Article About Tattoo In Islam Is A Sin if You Want To Know More About This Topic, Read This Article.

9. Suicide [Halal Or Haram?]

Almighty Allah has created man respectable. He has gifted us eyes, ears etc as trust, we are not its owners. Almighty Allah is the owner of our all body parts. That is why it is not lawful for a man to destroy one’s life i.e. to suicide, or waste any part. When we are not the owner of our body parts how can we donate it to others? After all, it is not lawful to do so according to Islam.

Final Words About Suicide In Islam Is Haram In Islam

after Reading This, It was confirmed that this is Haram in Islam, nowadays A Game Called Blue Whale Game Who force people to suicide, So Stay Away From This Game And Be Happy

10. Patanjali [Halal Or Haram?]

patanjali haram in islam

There is a rumor that there is some amount of Cow urine that which is using in Patanjali Product But According to Islam This Is Comes Under things Muslim cannot do.

Se Clearify This Rumor I Did A lot Of Research About Patanjali product So I Find wher Hindustan Times Wrote A Article That Ptanjlali Ceo Said “We manufacture around 700 products, but use cow urine only in five”.

patanjali products haram

Now Look What Darul Ifta, Deoband Said About Patanjali haram In Islam or Not:-

[box] Can we use Patanjali products or not?

If you know for sure and with ure and with observation that these products contain impure things then it is haram for us to use them. And if we Muslims know with observation and surety that these products contain no impure and haram things then there is no harm in using them, it is allowable. However, if there is a doubt about it then it is better to avoid.[/box]

Final Words About Patanjali Products Haram In Islam Or Halal in Islam

There are many food restrictions In Islam And it’s Better To Eat With proper Research When You Bought Something From Market Then Search What Type Of Ingredient It’s contain, so According To Darul ifta It;s not Right To Declare Patanjali product is haram, but You Are Sure About That it’s have


Please Share This Article With Everyone So That They Also Aware From All These forbidden things in Islam, Insha Allah you Will Get rewarded From Allah.


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10 Haram Things In Islam That Muslims Didn’t Know About
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